Studio Manager 20.1 Online Help

Modern user interface

Evolve is a Single Page Application utilizing Angular UI. This ensures that the application experience is reliable, scalable, and geared towards high performance. The user interface is responsive which offers a consistent experience across multiple browsers and devices. Finally, Evolve is designed for an on-the-go experience through support of mobile and tablet screens.

SAML 2.0

Evolve supports SAML 2.0 authentication protocol, and the protocol has been tested with the following Identity providers: Okta, Auth0, and Azure. If you are working with a different identity provider, please contact Winshuttle Support to learn if your provider is supported.

Server-side job execution

Studio Manager supports scheduling of server-side data extractions and postings from within Excel. You can also download data into SQL tables. These server-side jobs can also be monitored through Studio Manager. Please note that recurring schedules are only supported for Query scripts.

KPI reporting

Evolve has out-of-the-box and custom reporting to track time and cost savings, records processed by transaction, process status, active users, usage by transaction, usage by workflow, and data errors, and other information. User can create custom reports as well, using SQL views.