Release Notes

Release: March, 2021

Key Features

SmartTemplate Pro is a Microsoft Excel add-in that enables users to leverage the familiar experience of Excel's spreadsheets to export data from the EnterWorks platform, update it, check its quality, then import it back into EnterWorks. The EnterWorks security context ensures that users are still only able to access the data you want them to.

SmartTemplate Pro's key capabilities provide you the means to:

  • Quickly and easily create and update records.

  • Extract existing records from EnterWorks, modify them, then re-upload the records, all from within Excel.

  • Check your data before you upload it to EnterWorks, thereby improving the quality and completeness of your master data.

Known Issues

Numbers in parentheses indicate Jira and Mantis tracking tickets associated with the issues.

  • The user is still able to fetch data using an existing template even if a saved set or saved search is used that is not shared anymore. (EW-3200, EW-3281, EW-3363)

  • Code set dropdown lists are not appearing for repeatable category attributes. (EW-3217)

    • Workaround: This is working as designed. Type the code set values in manually.

  • If the value of an attribute is removed in SmartTemplate Pro and the record is posted, the value is not removed in the EnterWorks application. (EW-3219)

    • Workaround: This is working as designed. By default empty data values are ignored when posted. There is a setting in the Application Options (%appdata%\Enterworks\Enable\AppOptions.xml) named UpdateEmptyDataValues. If you set it to True, empty data values will be posted.

  • The user is not able to re-post fetched data after making changes to it. (EW-3246)

  • If a user enters a value in an auto-generated, read only field, it is not appearing in the EnterWorks repository even though SmartTemplate Pro says it was successfully posted.

    • This is functioning as designed. Changes made to read-only values will not be posted to EnterWorks, including auto-generated primary key fields. (EW-3249)

  • Category attributes are not retrieved if the EnterWorks exchange template is set to include all category attributes. (EW-3256)

    • This is functioning designed. Category attributes must be manually included in the EnterWorks exchange template to appear in Excel.

  • Error handling should be done if an EnterWorks template includes repositories with many-to-many relationships and DAM. (EW-3303)

    • Workaround: This is working as currently designed. This version of SmartTemplate Pro does not support many-to-many linked repositories and DAM.

  • If the internet connection is broken while a user is using SmartTemplate Pro, the user is not able to post data when the internet connection is re-established. (EW-3361)

  • Non-admin users are able to update records that are locked in workflow. (EW-3377)

  • The SmartTemplate Pro application is considered as malicious on install. (EW-3395)

    • Workaround: Whitelist the SmartTemplate Pro installation application.

  • SmartTemplate Pro's support for SSO LDAP/s and SAML needs to be documented. (EW-3404)

  • In the case of multiple linked repositories, after posting data, the records count in saved sets is wrong. (EW-3424)

  • In the case of multilevel child repositories, SmartTemplate Pro is unable to post the data if a circular link reference exists between the root repository and one of the children. (EW-3449)

    • This is working as designed. If a circular link reference exists, the import process cannot tell which repository is the ultimate root repository, so the import fails. There must be at least one repository in the template that is not configured as a child to any of the other nodes in the template.

  • SmartTemplate Pro 2.0 does not support owner code set security . (EW-3502)

  • If the user tries to post unchanged data, they might get an erroneous error: "Unable to complete action. Verify group security." (EW-3516)

  • Linked records not belonging to the security context of a non-administrator user are being displayed to the user. (EW-3537, EW-3557)

  • An error is not generated when duplicate records are created. (EW-3538, EW-3553, EW-3555)

    • Workaround: The user will have to delete the duplicate records using the EnterWorks New UI.

  • Users are not able to create a child record if the join condition attributes (foreign key for child) are empty. In child records there can be any data in the join key attribute because it is automatically replaced with the parent record's join key value when it is posted. The same issue occurs if a security filter is applied over an attribute, the attribute is blank, and the user tries to create record using SmartTemplate Pro. (EW-3544, EW-3554)

  • A child record is not getting created or updated if there is no change in the XML of its parent record such that the repository name is present in the setup.import.checkForChangedDataRepoList property. (EW-3546, EW-3556)

    • Workaround: For this to work, the repository name must be removed from the key value and services must be restarted. Alternatively, the parent record can be updated along with the child record.

  • A user cannot delete records or remove link between parent-child records. (EW-2662)

    • Workaround: Perform these actions in one of the EnterWorks UIs.