EnterWorks SmartTemplate Pro 2.0

Use Excel to export, update, re-import, and validate your EnterWorks data.

SmartTemplate Pro is a Microsoft Excel add-on that enables users to leverage the familiar experience of Excel's spreadsheets to export data from the EnterWorks platform, update it, check its quality, then import it back into EnterWorks. The EnterWorks security context ensures that users are still only able to access the data you want them to. This allows you to provide suppliers, vendors, and other users controlled and secure spreadsheet-based access for performing manual data entry and data maintenance tasks, such as onboarding and updating product data.

The EnterWorks security context ensures that users are able to access only the data you want them to. Users can use SmartTemplate Pro without signing into EnterWorks, however, in order to query the EnterWorks database or upload data to EnterWorks, they must sign in, via the same security protocols established for your other EnterWorks users.

SmartTemplate Pro's key capabilities provide you the means to:

  • Quickly and easily create and update records.

  • Extract existing records from EnterWorks, modify them, then re-upload the records, all from within Excel.

  • Check your data before you upload it to EnterWorks, thereby improving the quality and completeness of your master data.