EnterWorks Add-on Products

EnterWorks add-on products provide expanded EnterWorks functionality.

EnterWorks add-on products provide you additional ways to access and manage your data.

Fusion with Match and Merge

Fusion is platform for developing custom data integration, data quality, and data management functionality. It allows you to create custom applications that pull data from a number of internal and external sources, display the data, perform automatic or user-triggered operations on the data according to predefined specifications, and write the data to target locations. These applications can be invoked a number of ways, including through the EnterWorks scheduled activities and the UI.

EnterWorks Match and Merge is a customizable functionality that can be configured to: Create a trusted golden record for use across the enterprise Easily identify and manage duplicate records. Configure rules to facilitate record matching and survivorship. Quickly select attribute values from duplicate records to create a master record. Maintain lineage of records used to create a master record.

Sales and Services Portal (SSP)

The Sales and Services Portal (SSP) is an add-on product for EnterWorks. It gives users the ability to plug real-time enterprise data into InDesign templates to easily create custom documents.

SmartTemplate Pro

SmartTemplate Pro is a Microsoft Excel add-on that enables users to leverage the familiar experience of Excel's spreadsheets to export data from the EnterWorks platform, update it, check its quality, then import it back into EnterWorks. The EnterWorks security context ensures that users are still only able to access the data you want them to.