How EnterWorks Works

A brief description of the components of EnterWorks how they work together.

EnterWorks provides an organization the means to use their own business processes to define, manage, and make use of business critical data, product information, and digital assets.

The EnterWorks core components are:

  • Master Data and Product Information Management: EnterWorks acts as a data hub. Enterprise data can be imported from a variety of sources, then examined, transformed, validated, and syndicated to end-users in the required formats.
  • Data Quality: EnterWorks has a robust data validation process that gives an enterprise the ability to assess the quality of their data, the tools to improve the quality of their data, and the ability to customize their data quality requirements for internal and external uses and syndication targets.
  • Digital Asset Management: An enterprise's digital assets can include content in a variety of formats, such as images, documents, spreadsheets, audio files, and video files. The EnterWorks Digital Asset Manager (DAM) catalogs digital assets, maintains links between them and the content and workflows they are associated with, and allows manipulation of the digital assets, such as the creation of image variants.
  • Workflow: The EnterWorks workflow capabilities allow an enterprise to define, implement and manage their business processes and data flows. Access and utilization of these workflows is not limited to internal actors. Suppliers, vendors, distributors, and other external entities can be included in these business processes.
  • Visibility: EnterWorks provides real-time visibility into an organization's data, data quality, business processes, and system status.
  • Security: Underlying the entire EnterWorks platform is the capacity for an enterprise to control to a detailed degree, who can see, edit, and use their data.