Using EnterWorks

User Guide for all EnterWorks users.

Intended Audience: All EnterWorks users.

In addition to providing general operating instructions for the EnterWorks platform, Using EnterWorks contains instructions for performing most Business User tasks, including:

  • Accessing EnterWorks functions through the User Dashboard and widgets.

  • Content management: The use and manipulation of records, repositories, Taxonomies, Hierarchies, linked repositories, and other data model elements.

  • Finding content: Creating and using Searches, Saved Searches, Advanced Saved Searches, Filters, Preferences, and Saved Sets.

  • Digital Asset management: Business management of digital assets, including importing and exporting digital assets, linking digital assets to records, managing digital asset metadata, variant generation, and removing orphan assets.

  • Pending Events: Creating and managing scheduled content changes.

  • Promotions and Package Promotions: Promotion of records from staging to production repositories.

  • Import and Export: Importing and exporting record content using Current View and Templates.

  • Data quality: Validating record content through the use of validation levels and rules. The monitoring and reporting of data quality.

  • Syndication of data: Using Channel Readiness to determine syndication channel data quality, the syndication of channel data, and the use of Syndication Templates.

  • Workflow: Initiating and participating in business processes by creating and managing work items in existing workflows.

  • System Monitoring: Using the Job Monitor to track and manage system tasks.