EnterWorks 10.4.5 Release Notes

Product release: April 4, 2022

Release Notes updated: June 9, 2022

New Feature

  • System Maintenance Page for the New UI: You can now configure the New UI to display a system maintenance page instead of the log in page. The system maintenance page has no log in capabilities and it states that EnterWorks is undergoing system maintenance. EnterWorks provides a standard system maintenance page, but you can replace the standard page with your own custom HTML page. For more information, see New UI System Maintenance Page.


  • HTML Editor control type for editing attributes: The New UI's attribute HTML Editor control type now provides the ability to add three types of bulleted lists and five types of numbered lists. (Support 61953, EW-6221, EW-6916)

Behavior Change

  • Import widget: In the Import widget, the option to use alternate keys has been removed. (EW-8725)