EnterWorks 10.4 Release Notes

Product release: June 30, 2021

Release Notes updated: June 30, 2021

Product Specifications

Services Framework releases are now synchronized with EnterWorks core product releases. Services Framework version 2021-05-20 is certified against EnterWorks 10.4. One cannot be used without the other.

New Features

EnterWorks 10.4 brings the following new capabilities.

  • UK Locale configuration: Fresh installations of EnterWorks 10.4 can be configured to support the United Kingdom date format in addition to the US date format. For configuration instructions, see the EnterWorks Installation Guide.

  • Parent Child Unified View: The Detail Editor can be configured to show a Parent Child Unified View. If two repositories have a parent/child link relationship, it can be defined such that when a record in the child repository is opened in the Detail Editor, selected attribute values from its parent record can be displayed side by side with the child record's attribute values. The set of the parent repository's attributes that will be displayed can be filtered by either specifying a Preference or by filtering the list of attributes to include only those attributes whose name begins with a specified prefix. The visibility of and the ability to edit the parent record's attribute values are controlled by user permissions. Note that the Parent Child Unified View does not support the multi-edit capability, (the ability to edit multiple records simultaneously in the Detail Editor). For instructions on configuring a Unified Parent Child View, see Repository Link Management in the Change Notificaiton Guide..

New Behaviors

EnterWorks 10.4 has the following new behaviors:

  • If you search for a number value and enter commas in the search term, the commas are removed from the search term. For example, if you search for "1,440", records with an attribute value of "1440" will be returned.

  • The attribute values of type DECIMAL, DATE, and TIMESTAMP will be displayed according to the configured locale.

  • If a value imported into an attribute of type DECIMAL is not a valid decimal, it will be stored in the attribute and marked as invalid. If the attribute is in the snapshot table, (the attribute is relational), the value will not be stored in the snapshot table.

  • In the Classic UI, non-numeric characters can be entered into attributes with a control type of numeric. The value will be accepted, validated when the value is saved, then marked as invalid. The New UI continues to prevent values containing non-numeric characters to be saved.

  • The B_SAVED_SET_ITEM database table indicates which records have been added to a particular saved set. A column has been added to the table that indicates when a record was added to the saved set. For EnterWorks systems that are upgraded from a version prior to 10.4, records added to a saved set prior to the upgrade will have a created date of NULL.