Account Administration

How to manage your account

There are 3 roles in MapMarker, as follows:
  • The Admin role has additional access to create new users, as well as to view the user file uploads and batch jobs.
  • The User role allows you to view only your jobs and doesn't provide any user management-related options.
  • The Super Admin role is the user who first signs up for the account and provides billing information. This is the user who has got all admin rights as well as access to billing & plans section. Admin and User role users can’t access billing & plans page. Super Admin is the main account administrator.

Viewing User Uploads and Batch Jobs

The MapMarker Dashboard provides an admin the same functionality as a user has access to as well as access to all the user file uploads and batch jobs.

To view the MapMarker Dashboard:

  1. On the MapMarker Dashboard header, click Dashboard.
    The MapMarker Dashboard page displays.
  2. See Your MapMarker Dashboard for more information on the functions that you can perform on this page.

Managing Accounts

The Users page allows you to view user information, as well as create and delete user accounts.

Viewing Users

To view users:

On the header of the MapMarker Dashboard, click Users.
The Users page displays.

On this page, you can view the users, their email address, their last file upload and their role/account permission level.

This page also allows you to create and delete user accounts.

Creating a New User

To add a new user:

  1. On the Users page, click the Create New User button.
    The Create New User page displays.
  2. Enter the Account Information for the user: First Name, Last Name and Email.
  3. Use the Access drop-down menu and select either Admin or User permission.
  4. To complete, click Create User. To abort the process and return to the Users page, click Back or Cancel.

Deleting a User

To delete a user:

  1. In the table row with the user account, click Delete user button..
  2. On the Confirm Delete User pop-up window, click OK. To abort the process and return to the Users page, click Cancel.

Billing and Plans

This section describes the detailed information about the subscribed plan and billing invoice.

To view or edit the Billing & Plans detail:
Note: Only a Super Admin can view this information.
  1. Click the username on the top-right corner of the page header.
  2. Click Billing & Plans.

Plan Subscription

Located on the left of the page, this section displays information about the current plan. Information includes the name of the plan, total geocodes in the plan, and the remaining geocodes. User can modify their plan using the Upgrade Plan button.

Billing History

This section displays the billing history for last six months. Information displayed includes invoice number, bill date, paid date, bill amount, and paid amount. To view the invoice details, click View against the invoice entry.

Billing Info

The billing information describing the card details are displayed below the billing history. Edit the relevant information and click the Update Card button to save the changes.