Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about MapMarker.

Sign Up/Sign In FAQ

What should I do if I haven't received an email notification after signing up?

First, check the email in your spam folder. If there is no email, regenerate a new password using Forgot Password link on the Sign In page.

What if I am not able to Sign In even after providing the valid credentials?

Please clear the cookies and browser history and try signing in again. In case, you are still not able to sign in, contact us.

Is it possible for multiple users to Sign In to using credentials of a single account?

Yes, multiple users can sign in by using a single account.

Once, I sign up, is there a way for my employees to access the site without using my log in credentials?

Yes, you can create and invite more users from the Create New User option.

Do I need to sign up each month or will my credit card be automatically charged?

Your credit card will be automatically charged for the monthly fee plus any overages that occurred during the month.

Is there any support provided to assist with Sign Up/Sign In issues?

For all the issues related to Sign Up/Sign In, such as forgotten password, incorrect email address and so on, contact us.

Plans FAQ

What are the available plans?

MapMarker provides a Tree Trial, Pay as you go 5K, and Enterprise plans. See Plans for more details.

What happens if the available geocodes are exhausted?

If the available geocodes are exhausted, you can continue performing only if you are on a paid plan and overages are allowed. You will be charged $0.01 per geocode in the Pay as you go 5k plan. Note that any overages that occur on the last day of monthly billing cycle will appear in next month’s invoice.

Is a bill/invoice provided for the payment?

Yes, you can receive the detailed invoice for a month in the Billing & Plans section.

When does the monthly billing cycle begin?

The monthly billing cycle begins from the date of purchase of the plan.

What happens if the allotted geocodes per month are not utilized?

If you have not used all available geocodes for the month, the remaining geocodes expire.

Is it possible to upgrade to another plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from a free plan to Pay as you go 5K. Visit the Billing & Plans page to upgrade the existing plan.

How can I fulfill my monthly requirements that exceed allotted monthly geocodes?

The paid plans support overages. You can perform more than 5K geocodes charged at $0.01 per geocode for Pay as you go 5K plan.

How can I fulfill my monthly requirements that exceed 100 geocodes? (say 200,500,1000, or even more)?

The paid plans support overages. You can perform more than 100 geocodes charged at $0.5 per geocode for the monthly plan and $0.45 for the annual plan.

What should I do, if I accidentally sign up for MapMarker API instead of

Please contact us to cancel the subscription and get the refund. Also, use to sign up for a paid plan for MapMarker.

I am not able to purchase a paid plan on despite having a Precisely account?

In case you have a Precisely account, please use the Sign In link at the top right of and after successful addition of MapMarker product and login, please upgrade to paid account from Billing & Plans page.

Why doesn’t the geocode counter reset on the first of the month?

The geocode counter is reset every month on the day, the sign up was done. For example, if a customer signs up on 5th of a month, subsequently the counter will reset on 5th of every month.

Migrating from MapMarker FAQ

Will I need to update the street/point data in MapMarker?

No, all data updates will occur online, eliminating the need to download and update your data.

What reference data lives behind MapMarker?

MapMarker geocodes against the latest available vintage of street, point, geography and postal data from TomTom™ and other premium data providers. The data gets updated in the first month of every quarter.

Input Address Record FAQ

Are templates available to create my input address record?

Yes, there are templates for .csv (comma-separated values file), .shp (Shapefile) and .tab (MapInfo TAB file) formats. These can be downloaded from the Step 1: Upload File page.

Are MapInfo TAB Extended- or Link-version file formats supported?

Native and NativeX MapInfo TAB format is supported.

What type of MapInfo TAB is generated as an output?

NativeX MapInfo TAB will be generated as an output.

Are there upload requirements for TAB files?

Yes, the relevant TAB files need to be zipped together and then uploaded in ZIP file format rather than uploading the files individually. The TAB ZIP should contain the .DAT, .ID, .MAP, and .TAB files.

Are there upload requirements for Shapefile (SHP) input files?

Yes, the relevant SHP files need to be zipped together and then uploaded in ZIP file format rather than uploading the files individually. The SHP ZIP should contain the .DBF, .PRJ, .SHX, and .SHP files.

What is the maximum file size allowed for my input address record?

The maximum input record file size is 100 MB.

Does MapMarker support geocoding other countries besides USA?

Yes, MapMarker supports worldwide geocoding.

Can my input record contain non-US addresses?

Yes, your input record address file can contain non-US addresses. Make sure you include the ISO Alpha-2 or Alpha-3 country code, or the common country name for each input address, as well as mapping the Country field in Step 2: Input Options.

Upload File FAQ

My file upload is timing out, what should I do?

Try uploading a smaller file as the network connection might be flaky.

My file upload is failing, what should I do?

Check that your file is in the proper format and does not exceed 100 MB. Verify that the input file name does not contain special characters. In addition, you can check the template for your file type to confirm proper file naming and column header conventions.

Input Options FAQ

What input fields are best mapped when setting up the job?

It is highly recommended that the Address and Country fields should always be mapped.

My column headers were mapped in the input field text boxes, but I want to make changes - what do I do?

To change the mapping, first remove the field by clicking in the text box, then click on the desired column header and drag and drop into an empty text box.

Should I use separate city, state, and postcode column fields or just the full address in one field?

Both approaches are supported, but should be mapped accordingly in Step 2.

Geocoding Options FAQ

What geocoding option should be used to get the most accurate results?

MapMarker will automatically return the most accurate geocode available, so there is no option that needs to be set.

What is DPV seed violation?

DPV processing was terminated due to the detection of what is determined to be an artificially created address. No address beyond this point has been DPV validated. In accordance with the License Agreement between USPS and Precisely, DPV shall be used to validate legitimately obtained addresses only, and shall not be used for the purpose of artificially creating address lists.

Continuing use of DPV requires compliance with all terms of the License Agreement.

What will happen in case of DPV seed violation?

In case of seed exception none of the DPV related output fields will be displayed. Only the geocoded results will be returned along with geocode deductions.

Will I know if there is DPV seed violation at any record?

You will not be informed of the record which generated the seed exception. It will be shared with concerned authorities.

What is Match Score and how does it work?

Match Score lets you identify whether an address is a perfect match or questionable with a 1-100 score. It’s used to better indicate what parts of an address were changed to make the match. It can be a powerful method in evaluating your geocoding results.

A value of 100 means that the input address is nearly identical to the geocoded address. A value of 0 means that the parsed input address may be completely changed in order to obtain a geocoded address.

You have an option to select a Match Score from Geocoding Options page with below mentioned possible values:

  • 50 or less: Match score between 0 and 50.
  • 80 or less: Match score between 0 and 80.
  • 100 or less: Match score between 0 and 100.

Geocoding Results FAQ

How will I know when my job completes?

You will receive an email indicating your job has completed. You can also check the status of your job on your dashboard.

Does the downloaded results file include the addresses that did not geocode?

Yes, the geocoded results file includes the address that did not geocode.

Where can I find the addresses that did not geocode?

From the dashboard page click Download File icon. infront of the job or from job details page, click the Download button.

My job did not produce any successful geocoded results, what should I do?

Ensure that you mapped all the required fields in Step 2. If it still fails, reach out to us at Support and we will look at the issue.

Miscellaneous FAQ

Does MapMarker encrypt my data?

MapMarker only requires an address to perform a geocode. Data uploaded at server is encrypted. We do decrypt the addresses while geocoding on secure subnet. We still recommend that you do not upload any information that contains sensitive data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), into our system as Precisely is not responsible for the security of any such data you may upload. If you are interested in a solution better suited to securing sensitive data, please reach out to us at Support.