Match Code Values

The following table contains the match code values, where "h" represents a hex code digit. See Hex Digit Match Code Values for descriptions of the hex digits associated with these match codes.

Code Description
Ahh Same as Shh, but indicates match to an alias name record or an alternate record.
Chh The street address did not match, but the geocoder located a street segment based on the input ZIP Code or city.
D00 Matched to a small town with P.O. Box or General Delivery only.
Hhh The house number was changed.
Qhh Matched to USPS range records with unique ZIP Codes.
Rhh Matched to a ranged address.
Shh Matched to USPS data. This is considered the best address match, because it matched directly against the USPS list of addresses. S is returned for a small number of addresses when the matched address has a blank ZIP + 4.


Matched to a street segment record.


Matched to USPS data but cannot resolve the ZIP + 4 code without the firm name or other information.


Matched to an intersection of two streets, for example, "Clay St & Michigan Ave." The first hex digit refers to the last line information, the second hex digit refers to the first street in the intersection, and the third hex digit refers to the second street in the intersection.
Note: The USPS does not allow intersections as a valid deliverable address.


Same as Xhhh, but an alias name record was used for one or both streets.


No address given, but verified the provided ZIP Code.