Postal Centroid Matches (Z category)

Matches in the Z category indicate that a postal centroid geocode is returned.

Each of the Z codes is defined below. The second position in the code reflects the positional accuracy of the resulting point for the geocoded record.

Code Description
Z1 ZIP Code (5-digit) centroid match.
Z2 ZIP + 2 centroid match.
Z3 ZIP + 4 centroid match (highest accuracy available for Z matches).
Z0 ZIP Code match, no coordinates available (very rare).
Z6 ZIP Code centroid match for a point ZIP. A Z6 code is returned when the candidate is matched to a point ZIP centroid. Point ZIPs are 5-digit ZIP Codes that are points on a map rather than a polygon. Point ZIPs include unique ZIPs (single site, building, or organization). Instead of returning a Z1 result code, the Z6 code indicates that these special ZIPs are actual point locations, not an area.