Step 1: Upload File

Uploading the file

This section describes how to upload your input address record file for Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding.

  1. On the MapMarker Dashboard page, click the Upload File button.
    The Step 1: Upload File page displays.
  2. Select Geocoding or Reverse Geocoding, as required.
  3. If you are uploading a SHP or TAB file, the file needs to be in ZIP format before uploading. For more information, see Supported File Formats.
  4. Either drag and drop your file to the page or browse to the directory where your file is located. To abort the process and return to the MapMarker Dashboard, click Cancel.
    Note: You can refer the provided templates to get started.
    Important: Do not refresh or navigate from the page while the upload is in progress - this could cause an upload failure.
    Step Result: On a successful upload, the Step 2: Input Options page displays and a pop-up window shows "File successfully uploaded and geocoding options configured". This means that a set of geocoding input options have been pre-populated based on contents specified in your input file.

    Maximum number of Files allowed to be uploaded at one time (concurrently) is 5. Though there is no cap on the total number of files you can upload.