index export start

The index export start command exports the search index to a desired output location in .zip file format. The zip file contains a .txt file having pipe delimiter and double quotes as text qualifier. The output file name corresponds to the name of the search index followed by the time stamp.
  • For Legacy indexes, the fields marked as Store during index creation are the only ones that are exported.
  • For Clustered indexes, all the index fields get exported.
Note: The line break type is CRLF for Windows and LF for non-Windows exported files.


index export start
Required Argument Description
Yes --i Index name

Name of the search index to be exported. The name is case-sensitive.

Yes --o Location Location where the search index is to be exported. If the location you entered does not exist, a message is displayed informing you about it.


This example exports search index sample_index to this output location: c:/exportLocation.

index export start --i sample_index --o c:/exportLocation