index snapshot create

The index snapshot create command creates a snapshot of a search index. For a snapshot to be created successfully, the entire data set in the index needs to be valid. Any missing primary shard will result in failure of snapshot creation. Once a snapshot is created, its subsequent back up takes much less time since it requires incremental addition and deletion of data.

Snapshot creation is not affected by any operation being performed on the search index in parallel. However, only the records present in the index at that particular time gets recorded in the snapshot.

To view the status of the snapshot you created, use the command index snapshot list. For more information see index snapshot list.
Note: You need to create an index snapshot repository before you can create snapshot of a search index. For more information, see index snapshot repository.


index snapshot create
Required Argument Description
Yes --i Index name Name of the search index in the snapshot to be created.
Yes --s Snapshot name Name of the snapshot to be created.
Note: The name needs to be unique.
Note: It will be in lowercase irrespective of the casing you use in the command.


This example creates a new snapshot "my_snapshot" of search index "customer_index".

index snapshot create --i customer_index --s my_snapshot