iemodel import

The iemodel import command imports an Information Extraction Module model and its metadata.


iemodel import --n modelName --o inputDirectory --u trueOrFalse
Required Argument Description
Yes --n modelName Specifies the name of the model you want to import. Directory paths you specify here are relative to the location where you are running the Administration Utility.
Yes --o inputDirectory Specifies the location of the folder that will store the imported model and its metadata.
No --u overWriteIfExists Specifies whether to overwrite the existing model (if one exists). TrueOrFalse is one of the following:
Overwrites the existing model.
Does not overwrite the existing model.


This example imports a model named MyModel that stores the model in a folder called "MyModelExport", which is located in "C:\Spectrum\IEModels\MyModelExport". It also overwrites any existing model of the same name.

iemodel import --n MyModel --o C:\Spectrum\IEModels\MyModelExport --u true