iemodel train

The iemodel train command trains an Information Extraction Module model. It calls your training options file, which points to your input file and applies the options you have specified.


iemodel train --f trainingOptionsFile --u trueOrFalse
Required Argument Description
Yes --f trainingOptionsFile Specifies the name and location of the training options file used to train the model. Directory paths you specify here are relative to the location where you are running the Administration Utility.
No --u trueOrFalse Specifies whether to overwrite the existing model with the same name (if one exists), where TrueOrFalse is one of the following:
Overwrites the existing model.
Does not overwrite the existing model.


This example trains a model listed in the TrainingOptions.xml file that is stored the C: drive and overwrites any existing model of the same name.

iemodel train --f c:/TrainingOptions.xml --u true