modelstore bulkImport

The modelstore bulkImport command imports all the model stores to Metadata Insights.


modelstore bulkImport --i inputDirectory --u trueOrFalse --d trueOrFalse
Required Argument Description
No --i inputDirectory Specifies the location of the folder from which the model stores are to be imported.
No --u updateIfExists Specifies whether to update the existing model stores with same names by the imported model stores.
updates the existing model stores.
Does not update the existing model stores.
No --d importDependency Specifies that the model stores are to be imported along with all the dependencies.
Model stores imported along with dependencies.
Model stores imported without the dependent models


This example imports all the model stores, along with their dependencies from the "MyModel" folder located here: C:\Spectrum\modelstore to Metadata Insights. It also overwrites any existing model by the same name.

modelstore bulkImport --i C:\Spectrum\modelstore\MyModel --u true --d true