uamdb modify

The uamdb modify command updates an existing Universal Addressing Module database.


uamdb modify --t Type --n Name --b BasePath --d DPVPath --l LACSPath --s SuiteLinkPath --r RDIPath --e EWSPath --p Poolsize
Required Argument Description
Yes --t Type Specifies the type of database, where Type is one of the following:
United States database
Canadian Database
International Database
Loqate Database
Validate Address Global Database
Australian Database
Yes --n Name Specifies the name of the database.
Yes --b BasePath Specifies the base subscription database path.
No --d DPVPath Specifies the DPV database path.
No --l LACSPath Specifies the LACS database path.
No --s SuiteLinkPath Specifies the SuiteLink database path.
No --r RDIPath Specifies the RDI database path.
No --e EWSPath Specifies the EWS database path.
No --p Poolsize Specifies the maximum number of concurrent requests you want this database to handle. The default is 4.


This example updates a United States database named "UAM_US" found in C:\DBs\UAM\US_JUL14 with a LACS database found in the same location.

uamdb modify --n UAM_US --t USA --b C:\DBs\UAM\US_JUL14 --l C:\DBs\UAM\US_JUL14