uamdbglobalmultipath create_sample_file

The uamdbglobalmultipath create_sample_file command configures a database resource with multiple path elements and creates a sample JSON file (UamDbGlobalMultiPath.txt) that can be modified with place holders and data paths. This command should be followed by a uamdb_import command for additional database configuration.
Note: You must replace the token values in the text file with the absolute values and data paths.


uamdbglobalmultipath create_sample_file --o OutputDirectory--n NumberOfPathElements
Required Argument Description
No --o OutputDirectory Specifies the directory where the file should go. The current directory is the default location.
Yes --n NumberOfPathElements Specifies the number of elements in the path.


This example creates a sample JSON file named "UamDbGlobalMultiPath.txt" with its properties in JSON key-value format. This database resource has three path elements.

uamdbglobalmultipath create_sample_file --n 3