dataflow expose

The dataflow expose command makes the dataflow available for execution. For service dataflows, exposing the dataflow makes the service available to web service requests and API calls, and makes it available for setting logging levels. For subflows, exposing the dataflow makes the subflow available for use in a dataflow. For job dataflows, exposing the dataflow makes it possible to run the job through the Job Executor command line tool. To expose a process flow use the processflow expose command.

Note: If you use dataflow visioning in Enterprise Designer, the dataflow expose command exposes the most recently saved version of the dataflow.


dataflow expose --d DataflowName
Required Argument Description
Yes --d DataflowName Specifies the name of the dataflow you want to expose. If the dataflow name contains spaces, enclose the name in quotes.
Tip: If you are unsure of the exact dataflow name you can use the dataflow list command to get a list of the dataflow names.


This example exposes the dataflow named "My Dataflow".

dataflow expose --d "My Dataflow"