dataflow sourcesink list

The dataflow sourcesink list command lists the stages in a dataflow that specify the input for the dataflow and the stages that specify the output from the dataflow.


dataflow sourcesink list --d DataflowName --e TrueOrFalse --o TrueOrFalse
Required Argument Description
Yes --d DataflowName Specifies the name of the dataflow whose sources and sinks you want to list. If the dataflow name contains spaces, enclose the name in quotes.
Tip: If you are unsure of the exact dataflow name you can use the dataflow list command to get a list of the dataflow names.
Yes --e TrueOrFalse Specifies whether to list the sources and sinks for the exposed version of the dataflow or the latest saved version.
List the sources and sinks in the exposed version of the dataflow.
List the sources and sinks in the most recently saved version of the dataflow.
No --o TrueOrFalse Specifies whether to list only those sources and sinks that allow file overrides at runtime. A file override is when you specify at runtime a different file for the stage to read from or write to, overriding the file specified in the stage itself. Stages that support file overrides include Read from File and Write to File. Stages that do not support file overrides include Write to Null and Terminator.
List only those stages that support file overrides.
List all sources and sinks. This is the default setting.


This example lists the sources and sinks in the exposed version of a dataflow named "My Dataflow". All sources and sinks are listed, even those that do not allow file overrides.

dataflow sourcesink list --d "My Dataflow" --e true