dataflow unlock

The dataflow unlock command unlocks a dataflow, making it possible for other users to edit it in Enterprise Designer. In normal use, dataflows are unlocked automatically when a user closes the dataflow in Enterprise Designer. In certain situations, it may be necessary for an administrator to unlock a dataflow using the dataflow unlock command. For example, if a user opens a dataflow in Enterprise Designer and leaves for the day, the dataflow remains locked, preventing other users from editing it. In this case, you could use the dataflow unlock command to unlock the dataflow. Once a dataflow is unlocked, Enterprise Designer users must close and reopen the flow in order to be able to save it.

In order to use the dataflow unlock command you must have the Dataflows - Unlock permission.

Warning: Unlocking a dataflow will prevent the user who had locked the dataflow from saving any unsaved changes.


dataflow unlock --d DataflowName
Required Argument Description
Yes --d DataflowName Specifies the dataflow to unlock. If the dataflow name contains spaces, enclose the dataflow name in quotes.