ermdb import

Note: For instructions on installing and running the Administration Utility, see Getting Started with the Administration Utility.
The ermdb import command allows you to import a file consisting of routing database configurations and creates the database resources on the server. You can either create the import file, or use the file created by the ermdb export command. You must have the Enterprise Routing Module installed to use this command.

The import file format is as follows:

[ { "product": "Spatial", "module": "routing", "name": "US", "maxActive": 4, "properties": { "DatasetPaths": "E:/ERM-US/2014.09/driving/northeast" } } ]

Where product and module must be Spatial and routing, name is the name of the database, maxActive is the maximum number of concurrent requests you want this database to handle (or the pool size), and DatasetPaths is the path to the data sets for the database resource.

You can add multiple databases in an import file (duplicate the example above), and add multiple datasets for each database resource separating them using semi colons.

Note: If you want to specify UTF-8 characters in import file, you must add the JVM parameter file.encoding to the value UTF-8 in the startup of the CLI command prompt. E.g., -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8


ermdb import --file file_name
Note: To see a list of parameters, type help ermdb import.
Required Argument Description
YES --file or --f file_name

Specifies the directory and name of the import file.


This example imports two databases US1 and US2 each consisting of multiple datasets.

ermdb import --file E:/ERM-US/export/ermDbResource.txt

The input file is defined as the following:

[ { "product": "Spatial", "module": "routing", "name": "US1", "maxActive": 4, "properties": { "DatasetPaths": "E:/ERM-US/2014.09/driving/northeast;E:/ERM-US/2014.09/driving/south" } }, { "product": "Spatial", "module": "routing", "name": "US2", "maxActive": 4, "properties": { "DatasetPaths": "E:/ERM-US/2014.09/driving/northeast;E:/ERM-US/2014.09/driving/central" } } ]