hub backup restore

Use the hub backup restore command to restore a backed-up Data Hub model.


hub backup restore --m ModelName--d TrueOrFalse --p Path
Required Argument Description
Yes --m ModelName Specifies the name of the model you want to restore.
No --d TrueOrFalse Specifies whether to delete an existing model of the same name, where TrueOrFalse is one of the following:
Deletes the existing model and restores the backed-up model. This is the default setting.
Leaves the existing model in place and does not restore the backed-up model.
No --p Path Specifies the path and folder to which the backup was saved. If you omit this option the backup is placed in the following folder: SpectrumLocation\server\bin\HubBackup.


This example restores a backed-up model called ConsumerFraud from the C:\DataHub\HubModelBackup folder. If a model by that same name already exists, the restored model will overwrite it.

hub backup restore --m ConsumerFraud --d true --p C:\DataHub\HubModelBackup