notification smtp set

The notification smtp set command specifies the email settings to use to send license expiration notification emails.


notification smtp set --h Host --o Port --u UserName --p Password --e FromEmail
Required Argument Description
No --h Host Specifies the host name or IP address of the SMTP server to use to send the notification email.
No --o Port Specifies the port number or range used by the SMTP server. The default is 25.
No --u UserName Specifies the user name to use to send the email. This must be a valid user account on the SMTP server.
No --p Password Specifies the password for the user account specified in the --u parameter.
No --e FromEmail Specifies the email address from which the notification email will be sent.


This example sets SMTP settings for email notifications.

notification smtp set --h --o 25 --u me123 --p MyPassword --e