performancemonitor enabled set

The performancemonitor enabled set command enables and disables performance monitoring for a job or service. When performance monitoring is enabled, performance information for the job or service is written to the performance log. The performance log includes overall performance information for the job or service as well as performance information for each stage in the job or service dataflow.


performancemonitor enabled set --e TrueOrFalse --d DataflowName
Required Argument Description
Yes --e TrueOrFalse Enables or disables performance monitoring where TrueOrFalse is one of the following:
Enables performance monitoring.
Disables disables performance monitoring.
Yes --d DataflowName Specifies the name of the dataflow for which you want to enable or disable performance monitoring.
Tip: If you are unsure of the exact dataflow name you can use the dataflow list command to get a list of the dataflow names.


This example turns on performance monitoring for the dataflow MyNameParsingDataflow:

performancemonitor enabled set --e true --d "MyNameParsingDataflow"