The connect command opens a session with the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server you specify. You must issue the connect command before you can issue other commands.


connect --h HostName --u UserName --p Password --s TrueOrFalse
Required Argument Description
Yes --h HostName The host name and port to connect to, separated by a colon. For example, to connect to MyServer on port 8080 you would specify --h MyServer:8080.
Yes --u UserName The user name to use to authenticate to the server.
Yes --p Password The password for the user.
No --s TrueOrFalse Specifies whether to create a secure connection using HTTPS. You can only connect to the server over a secure connection if the server has been configured to support HTTPS communication. TrueOrFalse must be one of the following:
Do not use HTTPS. This is the default setting.


This example opens a connection to the server MyServer on port 8080 with the user name admin and the password myPassword1.

connect --h MyServer:8080 --u admin --p myPassword1