table export

The table export command exports a custom table that was created using the Table Management feature in Enterprise Designer. The table can then be imported to another server. For more information, see the "Lookup Tables" section of the Data Quality Guide.


table export TableName --t TableType --o OutputDirectory
Required Argument Description
Yes --n TableName Specifies the name of the table you want to export.
Tip: If you are unsure of the exact table name you can use the table list command to get a list of the table names.
Yes --t TableType Specifies the type of table to export: AdvancedTransformer, OpenParser, or TableLookup.
No --o OutputDirectory Specifies the directory to which you want to export the table. The path you specify here is relative to the directory where you are running the Administration Utility. If you omit this argument, the table is exported to the directory containing the Administration Utility.


This example exports an Open Parser table named "My Table" to the location where you have installed the Administration Utility.

table export My Table --t OpenParser