Compression Support for Cloud File Servers

The file servers Amazon S3, Google cloud storage, and MS Azure Blobstore support the compressed formats gzip (.gz) and zip (.zip).

The Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform handles the compression and decompression of the files written to and read from the file servers.
Note: You can use the same file server to handle both normal reads and writes of files as well as compression and decompression of files.

Reading a Compressed Format File

While reading a file from the server, its compression format is derived from the metadata key property Content-Encoding received from the server.

Writing a Compressed Format File

While writing a file to a server, mention the required compression format: .gz or .zip. The file is compressed based on the specified compression extension.

The metadata key property Content-Encoding is also set according to the selected compression format. This property value is passed to the cloud file server while writing the file to it.