Previewing an External Web Service

You can preview the response from an external web service by sending a test request. This can be done while adding a new external web service, in the last step of the "Add Web Service" wizard. You can also preview the response from external web services that have already been added to your Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform server. This topic describes how to preview an external web service that has already been added.

Note: In order to be able to preview an external web service, you must have View and Execute privileges for Platform - Services in addition to View and Modify privileges for External Web Services - Connection.
  1. In Management Console, go to Services > External Web Services.
  2. Click the external web service you want to preview.
  3. Enter the sample data you want to use in the test request to the external web service.

    Here are some tips for entering sample data:

    • You do not have to enter data in every field. Leaving a field empty results in an empty string being used for preview.
    • If you want to preview the effect of passing the default value or a null value in a field, click the Disable icon next to the field:

      If you have defined a default value for the field on the Request tab, the default value will be used. If you have not defined a default value, a null value will be used.
    • You can preview multiple records at once. To add a record, click the Add button .
    • You can import test data from a file. To import data, click the Import button . Note the following:
      • The first row in the file must be a header record. The field names in the header must match the field names required by the service.
      • The maximum number of records that can be imported is five.
      • If the file uses a space as the field separator, field values must be surrounded by quotes. Here is an example of a file that uses a space as the field separator:
        AddressLine1 AddressLine2 City StateProvince PostalCode
        "One Global View" "" "Troy" "NY" "12180"
        "3001 Summer St" "" "Stamford" "CT" "06926"
        "224 N Michigan Ave" "Suite 300" "Chicago" "IL" ""
    • To delete all records, click the Delete button at the top of the preview area:

    • To delete an individual record, hover over the input record name (for example, "Input Record 1") and click the Delete button next to the record name:

  4. Click Run Preview.

The results from the external web service are displayed to the right of the input data.