Importing a JDBC Driver

Spectrum™ Technology Platform can access data from any database using a JDBC driver. Drivers for SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL are provided with the Spectrum™ Technology Platform Data Integration Module, which also includes drivers for other types of databases. If Spectrum™ Technology Platform does not come with a driver for the type of database you need, you can add a JDBC driver.

In this procedure you will import a JDBC driver by copying the driver files to the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server. When you complete this procedure the driver will be available to use when defining a JDBC database connection in Management Console.

Note: This procedure works for JDBC 4.x drivers. If the driver you want to add uses an older version of JDBC you must add the driver manually in Management Console. For more information, see Manually Adding a JDBC Driver
  1. Put all the JDBC driver files for the database into a folder named:


    Where Name is any name you want. The folder name must end with .jdbc.

  2. Log in to the server running Spectrum™ Technology Platform.
  3. Copy the folder containing the driver to this folder:

    Spectrum Location\server\app\drivers

    The driver is automatically imported.

  4. To verify that the driver was successfully imported, log in to Management Console and go to System > Drivers. The driver should be listed.

    If the driver is not listed, open the System Log in Management Console and look for errors related to deploying JDBC drivers.