Unlocking the admin Account

User accounts are locked after several unsuccessful login attempts. Most user accounts can be unlocked through Management Console, but the admin account cannot. Instead, you must run a script on the server to unlock the admin account.

  1. Log in to the server running Spectrum™ Technology Platform.

    If you are running Spectrum™ Technology Platform in a cluster, log in to any of the nodes. You only need to run the unlock script on one of the nodes.

  2. Open a command prompt and go to the Spectrum Folder\server\bin folder.
  3. (Unix and Linux only) Run the following command:

    . ./setup

  4. Run the enableadmin script by typing the following command:

    On Windows:

    enableadmin.bat -h HostAndPort -p AdminPassword [-s]

    On Unix and Linux:

    ./enableadmin.sh -h HostAndPort -p AdminPassword [-s]


    The hostname and HTTP port used by Spectrum™ Technology Platform. For example, spectrumserver:8080.
    The password for the admin account. If you do not know the admin account password and the admin account is locked, contact Pitney Bowes Technical Support.
    Specify -s if Spectrum™ Technology Platform is configured to use HTTPS.