Logging the Record that Caused a Flow to Fail

When troubleshooting the cause of a flow failure it can be useful to examine the record that caused the failure. Flow failure records are written to a log file on the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server. The log file contains records that cause a stage within the flow to fail. The log does not capture records when the flow failure is due to other causes, such as malformed input records or expired licenses.

To enable the logging of records that cause flow failures:

  1. Open a web browser and go to http://server:port/jmx-console


    server is the IP address or hostname of your Spectrum™ Technology Platform server.

    port is the HTTP port used by Spectrum™ Technology Platform. The default is 8080.

  2. Log in using the admin account.
  3. Scroll down to this entry and click it:


  4. Set the attribute LogLastRecordReadOnError to true then click set.

Records that cause a flow to fail will now be logged in a new log file on the server:


Note: Since this log may contain sensitive data, consider deleting the log file when you are done troubleshooting.