Transaction Limit Warnings

Transaction-based licenses place a limit on the number of transactions you can perform before you need to renew the license. When you have approximately 10% of your transaction limit remaining, warning messages begin appearing in the event log in Management Console. For example, if you have a license that allows 1,000,000 transactions for the Universal Addressing Module's Validate Address service, and you have performed 900,000 transactions, you will begin to see messages like this in the event log:

WARN  [ValidateAddress] license for feature(s): UNC/USA/RealTime has 100,000 transactions remaining

When you reach the limit, the feature is disabled and you will see messages like this in the event log:

ERROR [ValidateAddress] Usage limit exceeded for feature(s): UNC/USA/RealTime
Note: The system calculates the number of remaining transactions every few minutes and logs the warning message if necessary. If a job or a large number of transactions occurs and uses up the final 10% of remaining transactions at once, the remaining transactions may be used up before the system can display the warning message. In this situation, the warning message will not appear before the feature is disabled.

To view the number of transactions remaining on your license, open Management Console, expand System, click Licensing and Expiration, then click the License Info tab.

To renew your license, contact your Pitney Bowes Account Executive.