Supported Entities and Operations

Supported Operations

LIKE, ORDER BY, LIMIT, IN, BETWEEN, !=, <=, >=, <,>, multiple AND/OR operators.

Supported Functions

  • String Functions: upper, lower, length, len, ltrim, rtrim, substring, max, min
  • Mathematical Functions: abs, ceil, exp, floor, sqrt, round
Note: For all other query operations, use the Splunk search column as explained below.

Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform provides a column search in the Splunk table using which you can look up the required data in the Splunk connection.

While executing a select query on the SplunkTable, use the search column in the where clause in any of these scenarios:
  1. To include such search criteria which cannot be specified using ANSI SQL syntax.
  2. To include such Splunk-specific search criteria which cannot be included as part of the main SQL query.
For example, this query looks for such a _raw value which contains the key opp with the value ACC.
select "_raw" from SplunkTable where "search"='search opp=ACC'