Supported Entities and Operations

Following table describes supporting entities and operations for Oracle Eloqua.

These entities are supported:
  • Entity: Denotes a table representing business entity.
  • Activity: Denotes a table representing a business entity where data is generated based on some activity.
  • Custom Entity: Denotes entities that are used as part of special operations provided with the Connector.

This table lists the entities and the operations supported for these.

Entity Name Create Read Update Delete Batch Support Maximum Batch Size
Accounts X X X X Insert/Update* 1000
Account Groups   X        
Campaign   X        
Contacts X X X X Insert/Update* 1000
Contact List X X X X    
Contact Segment X X X X    
Emails   X        
Email Folders   X        
Email Groups   X        
Microsites   X        
Users   X        
Visitors   X        
Email Open   X        
EmailClickthrough   X        
Email Send   X        
Subscribe   X        
Unsubscribe   X        
Bounceback   X        
WebVisit   X        
PageView   X        
FormSubmit   X        
Custom Entities            
ContactListMembers X X   X Insert/Delete 1000
ContactSegmentMembers   X        

* Update operation works as Upsert.