Connecting to a Delimited Flat File

You can use this connection:
  • In Enterprise Designer for reading and writing data
  • In Metadata Insights to create physical models
  1. Go to Connections > Flat File.
  2. By default, the screen opens in the create mode. Otherwise, click to add a new Flat File connection.
  3. Enter a Connection Name for the Flat File data connection.
  4. Enter the File Path by clicking Browse and selecting the directory of the file.
  5. Select the Character Encoding of the flat file from the drop-down.
  6. Select the Record Type as Delimited.
  7. In Field Delimiter, select the expected separator between any two fields of a file record.
  8. Select the Text Qualifier (optional), if any, that encloses the field values of a file record.
  9. In Line Separator, the value Default is selected, indicating that the expected line separator depends on whether Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform is running on a Unix or Windows system.
  10. To specify whether the first row of the file is a header row, shift the First Row is Header Row slider to either Yes or No.
  11. To specify whether the data type of the various fields in any record of the file should be automatically detected, shift the Detect data type from file slider to either Yes or No.
  12. To skip malformed records during file parsing, shift the Skip Malformed Records slider to On.
  13. Click Test.
    A message confirms the successful test of the connection.
  14. Click Save.
    A message confirms the successful creation of the connection.
In order to view a sample record fetched using the created Delimited Flat File connection, click Preview in the header bar. File records will be fetched and the Fields sorted according to the details provided by you.