Following are the limitations:

  1. Create/Update:
    1. Insert/Upsert fails if Not Null columns are blank or do not exist
    2. Insert/Upsert fails if values of Unique columns are not unique for a particular batch
    3. In order to avoid a rollback exception, keep the value of Batch count to commit to 1
  2. Read: For custom entities, Select operation is only applicable on joins with Contacts entity
  3. Filter:
    1. Supported filters are =, !=, >, <, >=, <=
    2. There is no support for IN and NOT IN condition operators when providing more than one values
    3. There is no support for Joins between entities
    4. There is support for AND and OR operation conditional operators only for Accounts and Contacts entities
    5. There is support for only AND conditional operator. It does not work for rest of the entities on the column
    6. = filter does not always work on fields having timestamp data type