Performance Tuning Checklist

This checklist describes the approach we recommend for getting optimal performance from your Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform environment. The techniques are listed in order from those having the most significant impact on performance to those having the least.

Performance Setting Description Additional Information
Dataflow design The most significant impact on performance is the design of the dataflow. There are several best practices you can follow to ensure that your dataflows have good performance. Design Guidelines for Optimal Performance
Dataflow pool size Dataflow pool size controls how may instances of a service dataflow can be running at a time. The default pool size for a dataflow is eight. Dataflow Pool Size
Database pool size and stage runtime instances Database pool size and stage runtime instances control the ability of the system to handle multiple requests concurrently. They need to be adjusted in tandem. Database Pool Size and Runtime Instances
Sort performance Sorting large data sets can be one of the most time-consuming operations performed during batch processing. Sort performance options control memory and disk utilization, allowing you to take full advantage of the available memory and disk capacity. Setting Default Sort Performance Options
Remote component options These settings control memory usage for certain stages such as address validation and geocoding stages. Configuring Remote Component Options
Individual stages There are some actions you can take to optimize specific types of processing. Review the best practices for performance to make sure that you have configured your dataflow to achieve optimal performance. Optimizing Individual Stages
JVM settings There are JVM options that will yield performance gains with certain hardware. JVM Performance Tuning
Micro-batch processing Micro-batch processing is a technique where you include more than one record in a single service request. Micro-Batch Processing
Heap size configuration for elastic search Increase the Elasticsearch heap size if you are performing memory-intensive operations with the profiling tool in Metadata Insights or with any of the matching stages in a flow. Heap Size Configuration for Elasticsearch