Creating a Named Resources Administrator

To manage named resources in the repository using Spatial Manager and Management Console, a user must have an assigned role that allows full access to those resources in addition to the access that is provided by the predefined spatial roles. The predefined spatial roles cannot be modified and a predefined "Named Resources Administrator" role is not provided by the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform; however, you can create such a role using a predefined spatial role as a base.

  1. Open Management Console.
  2. Go to System > Security.
  3. Click Roles.
  4. Check the box next to the spatial-admin role to use as a starting point then click the Copy button . The spatial-admin role provides View, Modify, Create, and Delete permissions for the Location Intelligence Module.Named Resources and Location Intelligence Module.Dataset secured entity types.
  5. In the Role name field, enter the name you want to give to this role (for example, "resource-admin").
  6. Set additional permissions as follows for these secured entity types:
    Database Resources:
    • Centrus Database Resources to View/Modify/Create/Delete/Execute (if required)
    • Enterprise Routing to View/Modify/Create/Delete/Execute (if required)
    • Services to View/Modify/Execute
    • System - Version Information to View
    Resource Connection:
    • Resources - File Server Connections to View
    • Resources - JDBC Drivers to View
  7. Click Save to save the new resource-admin role.
  8. Click Users.
  9. Either select an existing user and click the Edit button to modify it, or click the Add button to create a new user.
  10. Assign the new "resource-admin" role to the user account to allow it to manage named resources
The user now has the access required to manage named resources in Spatial Manager and Management Console.