Table 1. Intraflow Match Output

Field Name

Description / Valid Values


Identifies a collection of duplicate records. The possible values are 1 or greater.


Indicates whether the match was obtained using the express match key. The possible values are Yes or No.


Identifies the type of match record in a collection. The possible values are:

A record that other records are compared to in order to determine if they are duplicates of each other. Each collection has one and only one suspect record.
A record that is a duplicate of the suspect record.
A record that has no duplicates.


Identifies the overall score between two records. The possible values are 0-100, with 0 indicating a poor match and 100 indicating an exact match.

Note: The Validate Address and Advanced Matching Module stages both use the MatchScore field. The MatchScore field value in the output of a dataflow is determined by the last stage to modify the value before it is sent to an output stage. If you have a dataflow that contains Validate Address and Advanced Matching Module stages and you want to see the MatchScore field output for each stage, use a Transformer stage to copy the MatchScore value to another field. For example, Validate Address produces an output field called MatchScore and then a Transformer stage copies the MatchScore field from Validate Address to a field called AddressMatchScore. When the matcher stage runs it populates the MatchScore field with the value from the matcher and passes through the AddressMatchScore value from Validate Address.