The Business Steward Portal Menu

The Business Steward Portal menu consists of four options and access to the help system, as shown below:

  • Dashboard—View status of exceptions assigned to you. If you have view permissions, also view status of exceptions assigned to other users.
  • Editor—Review, edit, and approve exception records for reprocessing.
  • Manage—If you have view permissions, you can assign exceptions to yourself or others. If you have delete permissions, you can purge exception records from the repository.
  • Data Quality—If you have view permissions, you can access this page to view statistical information and configure key performance indicators for exception records. If you do not have view permissions, you cannot access this page.
  • User Drop-Down—Access the Business Steward Portal help system, all Spectrum Technology Platform documentation, and the Profile page, where you can set a language preference and specify a country to indicate culture preference, provide an email for notifications, and change your password.