Editing Exception Records

The purpose of editing an exception record is to correct or augment and approve the record so that it can be processed successfully. Editing an exception record may involve using other Spectrum Technology Platform services or consulting external resources such as maps, the Internet, or other information systems in your company.

After reviewing records, you can edit and approve them directly in the Exception Editor. You can edit one or more records at a time in the Tabular View, and you can edit one record at a time in the Form View.

Note that read-only fields cannot be edited. If you want to make a read-only field editable, you would need to delete all exception records for that dataflow and job ID and run the dataflow again after configuring the fields accordingly in the Write Exceptions stage. This would produce new exception records with editable fields. Also, you cannot edit a field to contain a value that does not match the data type. For example, you cannot edit a field with a numeric data type to contain letters.