Viewing Record Details

Regardless of which view you use, the Exception grid shows all the fields for a record as well as its approval status, exception type, and any comments that have been added to the record. In the Tabular View, you can view additional details about a record by clicking the arrow on the left end of a record. In the Form View, click Show Detail. These actions will open the Detail tab, which shows the following information.

Job ID
A numeric identifier assigned to a job by the system. Each time a job runs it is assigned a new job ID.
Group By
If the dataflow was configured to return all records in the exception records group, this shows the field by which the records are grouped. This only applies to dataflows that perform matching, such as dataflows that identify duplicate records or dataflows that group records into households.
Exception Time
The date and time when the Exception Monitor identified the record as an exception.
Record Type
The type of record you have selected. One of the following:
  • E—Exception
  • GE—Group Exception
  • N—Best of Breed
The status of the record you have selected. One of the following:
  • New
  • Resolved (possible only if the record has been edited at least once since its creation)

Click the Conditions tab to view the following information:

The name of the condition that identified the record as an exception. Condition names are defined by the person who set up the dataflow.
The kind of data that resulted in an exception. Examples of data domains include Name, Address, and Phone Number. This information helps you identify which fields in the record require editing.
The quality measurement that the record failed. Examples of quality metrics include Accuracy, Completeness, and Uniqueness. This information helps you determine why the record was identified as an exception.

Every time a record is changed, certain information is retained by the system, indicating who changed the record, when it was changed, the name of the user the record was assigned to, and any data that was entered in the comment field for that record. The record that appears in the Exception grid reflects the most recent changes and the most recent comment (if any); however, information on the History tab shows the following information for the entire life of the record, from when it was first added to the repository as an exception up to the point at which you are viewing the record:

The revision number of the change.
Last changed by
The user who made the change.
Assigned to
The user to whom the exception record was assigned at the time of its revision.
The date and time that the change was saved.
The comments (if any) that were entered by the person who made the change.