Using Bing Maps

Bing Maps displays the location of an address on a map and provides controls that allow you to zoom and pan the map. In addition, you can click the map to obtain addresses.
Note: The Bing Maps search tool is provided by Microsoft; you must be connected to the Internet to use this service.
  1. Click the record you want to research.
  2. Below the records table, click Search Tools to expand the view.
  3. In the Service field, select Bing Map.
  4. Select the fields you want to use in your search from the Field Name column. For example, if you want to search for an address on a map, you might choose AddressLine1 and City. If you want to view just the city on a map, you might select just City and StateProvince.
  5. Select "Road" for a traditional map view, "Bird's Eye" for an aerial view, and "Automatic" to let Bing Maps decide which is more appropriate.
  6. Click Go. The results, including latitude and longitude, are displayed in the Results box and on the map in the form of a pin. Click the Rotate buttons to shift the perspective 90 degrees. Click the arrows on the compass to shift the focus incrementally in the selected direction. Use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to focus more or less closely. You can also move the pin by dragging it to a new location; the map information will update dynamically.
  7. To obtain the address of other buildings, click the map. Switching to Bird's Eye view may be helpful when finding buildings.
After completing an initial map search, you can click another exception record and the Go button, and the map will update accordingly.