Conditions Tab

Table 1. Exception Monitor Options

Option Name


Stop evaluating when a condition is met

Specifies whether to continue evaluating a record against the remaining conditions once a condition is met. Enabling this option may improve performance because it potentially reduces the number of evaluations that the system has to perform. However, if not all conditions are evaluated you will lose some degree of completeness in the exception reports shown in the Business Steward Portal. For example, if you define three conditions (Address Completeness, Name Confidence, and Geocode Confidence) and a record meets the criteria defined in Address Completeness, and you enable this option, the record would not be evaluated against Name Confidence and Geocode Confidence. If the record also qualifies as an exception because it matches the Name Confidence condition, this information would not be captured. Instead the record would be reported as having only an Address Completeness problem, instead of both an Address Completeness and Name Confidence problem.