Circular Traversals

The Include results from circular traversals option enables you to include elements that occur more than once in each traversal. If you do not select this option, those elements are returned just once in each traversal.
For example, continuing with the same model, let's say you initially want to return data for any meetings that Mohamed Atta attended but once you have those results, you want to see all attendees of a particular meeting. Your initial query might look like this:
The results show that he attended a meeting in Kandahar in December 1999. Now you want to know who else attended that meeting. Your second query would look like this:
Note that if you leave the Include results from circular traversals box unchecked, Mohamed Atta's relationship will not be returned because that relationship (Person:Mohamed Atta->Attended->Meeting:Kandahar) was already traversed in the first step of the query. However, if you check that box, Mohamed Atta's relationship will be returned in addition to those for the other three attendees: