Entity Queries

The root of an entity query targets an entity index. Therefore, all _stp_ properties should be indexed, as should any properties you may want to query. Use case-insensitive indexing to yield greater search results.

Entity Patterns

The basic pattern for an entity query follows the rules below.

<EntityType> <Property> <value>

<EntityType> <Property> <Operator> <value>

<EntityType> <Property> <value> <condition> <Property> <value>

<EntityType> <Property> <Operator> <value> <condition> <Property> <Operator> <value>

<EntityType> <value>

<Property> <value>

<Property> <Operator> <value>



Query Operators

The following operators are valid for entity queries. Additionally, you can use wildcard characters. An asterisk (*) represents any character sequence, and a question mark (?) represents any single character.

Is Not
Starts With
Ends With
Matches <followed by a value that is a regular expression>


Two conditions are valid for entity queries:
&& And