Entities Tab

The Entities tab () provides an entity's name, its Data Hub ID, and its properties. If you run a centrality algorithm on the Canvas, those values will appear as well. If you click an entity's name, its Entity Profile Report will appear.

The Entities tab provides the following options via the toolbar at the top of the page:

Unload selected

Removes all selected entities from the table but not the model.

Add new entity

Creates and adds an entirely new entity to the model, including its type, label, properties, relationships, and a unique key (optional). You can also query for connections.

Edit selected entity

Makes changes to the selected entity. You can add (or remove) property data, define relationships, and query for connections. When you have completed your changes, you can

Delete item

Deletes all selected entities from the model, not just the table.

Save Options

When you add or edit an entity, you have three Save options:
  • Save—Saves over the existing entity.
  • Save & Copy—Saves over the existing entity and copied as a new entity.
  • Save & New—Saves over the existing entity and then the editor is clear for a new entity to be added.